Dienekes Aniomenous

Professional Hitman


Cold, and calculating. An Assamite obsessed with his path, and the clan. He has only two rules… no women… no children…


An old fighter of Sparta. He joined the ranks just like his father before him, and fought in several campaigns. One night his company was ambushed by a group of assassins, and he was the only survivor. The elder saw his cold precision in battle, and saw the promise. He was offered a place as a pupil in their clan, and when Dienekes realized the power that he could gain after seeing his mighty group of soldiers fall to these assassins, he jumped at the chance. After nearly another decade of indoctrination, and training he was turned. After another decade of the same indoctrination, and training he was sent to sleep in torpor until such time that his clan needed him. He was awoken several hundred years later around 1960, and has been providing the clan a large supply of blood from his contracts. Now his elders send him to Dallas to freelance until such time that he is called upon again…

Dienekes Aniomenous

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