Eric Frey

A viking who has been sleeping for a very long time...


A hulking brute of a Gangrel. Very strong, and sturdy. He has a very thick layer of body hair, and can always be found with some form of tobacco product in hand.


He comes from the ancient lands of the Vikings, and was embraced a very long time ago. He was hailed as one more savage than most who could control the very bloodlust with a fury that was rare to behold. He gained fame too quickly however, and was ambushed by jealous clansmen one evening after a hard battle. He was buried, and left to stay until his sire came back to wake him. He spent several nights with him to give him an idea of the new age he found himself in, and then vanished leaving only a note that he must prove his blood yet again by tracking down his grand-sire. Eric left on his mission, and now after a decade searching the old homeland he finds himself in Dallas. Will he be able to keep out of trouble if something provokes this beserkers fury?

Eric Frey

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